Install pygitrepo

1. Install pygitrepo Command Line Tool

pygitrepo``itself is a Python library with a command line interface. Like the other similar python library ``pip, pipenv, virtualenv. You can install it with pip.

# install and upgrade to latest
$ pip install pygitrepo --upgrade

# test with ``pgr`` command
$ pgr

2. Update pygitrepo-config.json

pgr command requires a pygitrepo-config.json file at your git root directory. In other words, the pygitrepo-config.json file and .git hidden directory should be in the same directory. pygitrepo will check this to detect if the current directory is a valid pygitrepo compatible Python GitHub Repo. It allows you to use pgr command in any of it’s sub directory.

The pygitrepo-config.json tells the pgr command which python version you want to use for local development, which service you want to use to host your document, etc…

If your repo skeleton is generated from, then you can just open pygitrepo-config.json and follow the instruction. An example can be found here