class pygitrepo.repo_config.RepoConfig(**kwargs)[source]

Python Github Repo Config Object

DIR_CWD = Derivable(name='DIR_CWD', value=<NOTHING>)

By default, it is where you originally call this script.

let’s say you are at /here and you have and


If you made a bash ./first/ and actually calls python /first/second/ You will see the os.getcwd() still returns the corret dir where you initially run the bash command in


Identify if a path is a valid python git repo directory. It should have a .git directory and a pygitrepo config json file.

Return type



Try to locate the pygitrepo root directory. It scan backward from the current directory to the “/” (MacOS or Linux) or “C://” (Windows). The first directory meets the criterial defined in :


Try to locate the pygitrepo config file.

DIR_HOME = Derivable(name='DIR_HOME', value=<NOTHING>)

The current User home directory.

  • On Windows: C:Users${username}

  • On Mac: /Users/${username}

  • On Linux: depends on what Linux. on Ubuntu / Redhat / CentOS

    it is /home/${username}

property url_s3_doc_latest

The document website url for latest doc on s3.

property url_s3_doc_versioned

The document website url for versioned doc on s3.

property dir_venv

The virtual environment directory location. It should have a bin (MacOS) or a Script (Windows) folder in it.

property s3_key_lambda_deploy_dir

example: lambda/my_package/

property s3_key_lambda_deploy_versioned_dir

example: lambda/my_package/0.0.1/

property s3_uri_lambda_deploy_versioned_dir

example: s3://bucket/lambda/my_package/0.0.1/

property s3_key_lambda_deploy_versioned_source_dir

example: lambda/my_package/0.0.1/source/

property s3_uri_lambda_deploy_versioned_source_dir

example: s3://bucket/lambda/my_package/0.0.1/source/

property s3_key_lambda_deploy_versioned_layer_dir

example: lambda/my_package/0.0.1/layer/

property s3_uri_lambda_deploy_versioned_layer_dir

example: s3://bucket/lambda/my_package/0.0.1/layer/

property s3_key_lambda_deploy_versioned_deploy_pkg_dir

example: lambda/my_package/0.0.1/deploy-pkg/

property s3_uri_lambda_deploy_versioned_deploy_pkg_dir

example: s3://bucket/lambda/my_package/0.0.1/deploy-pkg/

property dir_lambda_app

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app

property dir_aws_chalice

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/.chalice

property path_aws_chalice_config_json

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/.chalice/config.json

property path_aws_chalice_app_py

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/

property dir_aws_chalice_vendor

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/vendor

property dir_aws_chalice_vendor_source

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/vendor/${package_name}

property dir_aws_chalice_deployed

example: ${dir_project_root}/lambda_app/.chalice/deployed